957827297_e9a7c08e7c_m.jpg“Of course,” you say, “Who wouldn’t be?” So what is the reality showing up in your life? Are your health, career and relationships all looking like a state of being that anyone would love to enjoy? If that reality is not here for you yet, you are not alone.

Your conscious mind can say “yes” to this question. But if your ego and subconscious mind aren’t behind the wheel with you on this desire, you’re not going anywhere.

People come to work with me because I access their subconscious programming and belief systems. That’s how I find their foot on the brake when they’re trying to be on purpose with their life. After I research and clear around their ego blocks and interferences, they are on their way again.

All the goals and plans in the world are not going to attract in what you want if your desires and beliefs deep down inside of you are not a vibrational match.

An example of a vibrational match is to desire to be successful in your career by whatever standards you set to measure that success. Then your beliefs need to support that all the way — beliefs like you are smart enough, work hard, and deserve to succeed.

To understand more about the law of attraction, read Esther and Jerry Hicks best-selling book, Ask and It Is Given. If you’ve already read this book, check out their 60-card deck based on this life-changing book. It’s an easy and stimulating way to return to your personal power and to create the life you so deserve.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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After many years, many teachers, and many spiritual breakthroughs, Jan’s clearings swept out the unconscious debris that was still lurking around and getting in my way. There was a lightness after each session, an opening. And when that opening occurred, all kinds of magic came into my life. Thanks Jan!

Thanks, Dana, for walking your journey and asking for help. There is such freedom and joy that comes with letting go of the last remnants of our deep down stuff. And yes, the creativity, magic, and wisdom flow from our inner self so much easier. Blessings on your journey!