istock_000002067328xsmall.jpgIn the Midwest United States, garden centers are in full bloom. As the threat of frost slowly becomes part of last year’s memories, eager residents bring home armfuls of colorful annuals.

Several of the traditional plants, like geraniums and petunias, fill pots by the front door and near the garage. Hanging baskets swing from shepherd’s hooks and brackets on the deck.

Those of us who struggled through the dull and cold months of late fall, winter, and early spring just can’t get enough of the lush and lively abundance of blooming flowers.

Like every bit of abundance and prosperity in our lives, they grow with our gratitude and responsibility.

For me, I’m adding a tomato plant to my patio collection of green beans and snap peas that have yet to make the journey from seed package to soil. That means daily trips with the hose. And tinkering with stakes, trellis, and ties to keep all the new growth up in the air where the rabbits won’t find it.

Whether I’m visiting the local farmer’s market for fresh, homegrown vegetables or sampling the produce out my own back door, I know I’ll savor it with humility and gratitude. When I realize I still have two good feet to walk with and two good hands to work with, the caretaking of pots and plants is more a privilege than an obligation.

From such simple beginnings come the bloom and the harvest. Whether its vegetables grown from seed or flowers grown from cuttings, they are symbols of how our abundance and prosperity grows from awareness and appreciation.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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