ch-08-istock_000002453505.jpgSome of the best teachers never give up learning. Some retirees like to hit the open road and travel.

Some others become experts in wildlife and habitat issues.

You’ll find them volunteering to be tutors for struggling students.

They’re learning china painting and making porcelain collector dolls. They’re turning bowls on a lathe and weaving baskets.

They are giving each of us a priceless lesson – grow your Inner Child.

“Your Inner Child is your birth right, a treasure inside of you, and needs to be protected and savored all through life.” (Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker)

Your Inner Child is your innocence and joy, freedom and creativity. Your Inner Child is the part of you that loved life and couldn’t wait to see what each new day would bring.

Unfortunately, for many of us, we were told to grow up and get with it in such a way that we stopped growing our Inner Child. Sometime ago, we put aside our pencils and stopped writing poetry. We put all the crayons in the box and never drew another picture. Our struggling genius was not appreciated and we didn’t practice music or dance anymore.

As our retired teachers show us, it’s never too late to get in touch with your secret desires and your passionate dreams. Here are few ways to get started:

1. Remember what it’s like to play. Observe children in a world of their own. Notice how involved they are and oblivious to what anyone else is going to think or say about what they are doing.

2. Remember what you loved to do as a child. Were you the one bandaging up all the pets in the neighborhood? Were you the chef with make-believe food and special orders for all your friends? Were you in finger-paints up to your elbows? Were you riding the wild horses out on the Great Plains?

3. Connect with your memories. As you remember your childhood play times, what still makes your heart race? What are you still passionate about right now? What have you always wanted to be or do if only you had the time and the money?

4. Take the first step. Every journey begins with the first step. Look up information on the internet to see where you could be trained to be a wildlife rehabilitator or an assistant at the local animal clinic. Find the nearest tech institute with cooking or art classes. Consider a vacation on a ranch out west.

You get the idea! Put the fun back into your life! No matter what age you are, your Inner Child can always use some growing time!

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
Free Preview: Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker

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