Are you watching the markets fluctuate and your investments falter?

Are you concerned about what you’re losing in value and how it’s going to affect your life?

Are you aware of the abundance you already have? Do you know how well you are already being taken care of?

Consider this analogy. Do you think you’re going to run out of fresh air to breathe? Do you think fresh air is rationed? Do you think it’s in such short supply around the world that you have to start holding your breath and making every breath count as long as you can? Of course not!

Have you ever thought of air as a symbol of abundance? Have you acknowledged how prosperous you are to have enough air to breathe?

In the same way, abundance and prosperity are all around you in your everyday life experience:
• Are there clothes in your closet to wear?
• Is there food in your refrigerator and your kitchen cupboards?
• Do you have a place to live?
• Do you have a vehicle to get around in?
• Do you have water to drink?

Abundance and prosperity are not about luxury and extravagance. They are about meeting our basic needs and still having a little more pressed down and running over to share with others.

So if you have clothes to donate to charity or food for a food drive, you’ve got abundance. If you have time to volunteer in your community or a vehicle to give the needy a ride to where they need to go, you are prosperous.

And the more you appreciate and give thanks for the abundance and prosperity you already have, the happier you are! And the happier you are with what you have, the more you attract in.

When our parents and teachers told us to count our blessings, they had no idea how close to the truth they were. Don’t go down the path of chaos and confusion. Simply do a mental walk through your house, your closet, your kitchen, and know how well you are being taken care of. Then give thanks and smile.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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