Like many others around the world, I’ve been on the phone with my financial advisor. I’ve seen my investments evaporate overnight. And like many of you, I’ve heard what’s become a familiar story by now. “There are some great companies out there. They still have a lot to offer. The public has simply lost confidence in anything and everything in the marketplace right now.”

In a recession, nothing recedes like confidence! Whether it’s confidence in the marketplace, confidence in your advisors, or confidence in yourself!

The attitude I like to step up to is reflected in this comment by Warren Buffett, “The thing to do is keep your mind when the world around you is losing theirs.”

How do you do that? Here’s my short list:

Build more confidence in yourself.
• Take charge of your own life. Be assured that only you are responsible for what happens to you.
• Assess and appreciate your skills and abilities. Value your character and personality.
• Trust that you are here to make a contribution that only you can make to this planet and its people. There is no one else exactly like you with your ideas, experience, and capabilities.
• Whatever goodness and value you do, give, or create with your life is exactly what you’ve come here for, and exactly what we need from you. Live in that faith with certainty.

Build more confidence in others.
• Where ever you see valuable service happening, compliment, encourage, and support it.
• Who ever you know in a leadership position that is reputable, honest, and working with integrity, let them know you trust them and have confidence in their decisions and choices.
• Whether it’s promoting sustainability by working on a local organic farm or in a holistic grocery store, consider if you can barter your time for products or a discount.
• Whatever services you need, consider what you can share or barter in exchange. Find people in your community who already have the confidence to do this. Check online for barter networks in your area.
• Be a part of what ever serves the highest and most benevolent good of the community and the world.

Let’s be about building more confidence. With more confidence comes assurance. Assurance leads to hope. And hope has the awareness to say, like T. Harv Eker, “There’s the general economy, and then we each have our own personal economy. The general economy is definitely suffering. MY economy is great.”

Drop us a line and share your thoughts about how you are building your own personal economy. What are you doing to build more confidence in yourself? What are you doing to build more confidence in others?

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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