What are you looking for? Survival things like food, shelter, and clothing? Necessities like a job, income, and safety? An upgrade in the life style you already have?

If you find yourself in need, be still and go within. There you will your Inner Self, a most loving and devoted part of yourself with only your best interests in mind.

There is no one who knows you like your Inner Self. There is no one who promotes you, supports you, and wants you to have the best life ever than your Inner Self.

Ask this most powerful part of you to show you where to find what you need whether that’s housing, food, a job, or a lover!

Ask and wait for the answer. Then pay attention to what you hear from others, who you meet, possible opportunities unfolding around you.

Nothing will happen if you do not ask! Nothing will show up unless you believe you can do this! Nothing is going to change unless you begin to look and listen with the trust that it is already here and you are simply trying to recognize it and work with it.

Begin today, right now, this very moment. Ask for what you need. Ask for the ways and means to start showing up for you today. Ask for an open mind to recognize the opportunities that are unfolding around you.

How does that feel when you do that? What difference is this making in how your day goes for you? Drop a line in the response box below (or click on the comment link in Facebook) and share your thoughts with us.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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