One of the Best Internet Marketing Tools for Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Entrepreneurs: Making Money with Teleseminars

I am pleased to offer you a rare opportunity with JANUARY’S TREASURE CHEST. This is indeed a one time special event and super discount with Kathleen Gage and her new product launch, Making Money with Teleseminars.

Kathleen Gage is one of the foremost experts in making money on the internet with teleseminars.

She knows you can utilize teleseminars to market products and services as well as sell on the backend.

She demonstrates and teaches how by far, teleseminars are one of the greatest tools available to accomplish both.

Unfortunately, many people set about to launch a teleseminar without a solid plan in place. One of the first considerations (beyond who your market is) would be to determine what type of teleseminar to offer.

Do you know which to offer your market? Types of teleseminars you can offer include:
• Preview calls
• FAQ calls
• Expert interviews
• Paid sessions
• Free sessions
• Corporate trainings
• Open to the public
• Private sessions
• Membership benefit sessions
• Affiliate training calls

Regardless of the type of teleseminar you host or participate in, many of the steps to create and develop one will be similar. However, how you promote a session is determined by whether it is open to the public, free, fee based or used as an added value tool for existing clients.

No matter what your level of expertise and experience is with teleseminars, Kathleen Gage’s Complete Course on how to Make Money with Teleseminars will help you with how to choose the right type of teleseminar and how to promote it.

This information packed home study course is for you if you want to drive thousands of potential clients to your website, build a highly responsive opt-in subscriber list of buyers, develop product faster than you ever thought possible; fill teleseminars to capacity with little or no out of pocket money; sell thousands of dollars worth of products and services through the power of teleseminars; get tens of thousands of dollars worth of FREE publicity and make money while you sleep.

What you get in this course of study:

  1. Access to a minimum of 4 MP3 download files that are 1 – 1 1/2 hours in length consisting of very content driven information. These sessions are led by Kathleen Gage teaching proven strategies for success.
  2. Buyers will also receive transcripts of each session.
  3. Immediate download of 4 study guides (over 500 pages of information) that correspond with each specific module. Each study guide explains step-by-step the process for developing, marketing and selling products and services through the power and profit of teleseminars. The information is the very information Kathleen Gage has used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  4. The program also includes a robust reference section consisting of over 100 pages of downloadable information such as:
  • Survey examples that allow you to determine what you need to include in the calls you offer
  • Content creation worksheet
  • Accountability worksheet
  • Examples of advertisements
  • Examples of actual media releases Kathleen wrote and used for her teleseminars
  • Prelaunch and post launch email messages
  • List of action steps before, during and after a call
  • Actual landing pages for preview teleseminar registrations
  • Sales pages that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for Kathleen that buyers can customize for their topics and market

Check out the added bonus, super bonus, and special gifts for purchasing Kathleen’s Complete Course on How to Make Money with Teleseminars during this one-time launch at a great $200 discount price.

Get the details here on Kathleen Gage’s Street Smarts Teleseminars for Money: Complete Course on How to Make Money with Teleseminars.

This offer expires at midnight on Sunday,January 18.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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