Achieve balance and personal freedom through the power of self-forgiveness!

I only recommend resources to you that I personally use and appreciate for their mystical experience and ability to help raise spiritual consciousness.

Anna Casper’s guided visualization CD truly meets both of these criteria. Her CD gives you the keys to unlock your personal freedom through the power of self-forgiveness.

Feel with your heart as the magic of forgiveness transforms your life experience from one of inner conflict to one of inner harmony, balance, and peace!

Immerse yourself in this sacred ambient music and tuning forks to cleanse, clarify, and purify your energy system into a state of white light by “Breathing the Magic of Color” (track 2) through your chakra system.

After you’ve created the space for blissful magic to occur in your life experience, relax and revitalize as you take the “Magic Carpet Ride into Forgiveness” (track 3) to a place deep within your heart. There discover freedom, focus, creative flow, and a deeper connection with your inner being.

I am pleased to highly recommend this CD by my friend and associate, Anna Casper, who is a visionary, artist, and Reiki healer. Whether you listen to both of the guided meditations back to back or separately, you can experience a significant energy shift from subconscious clearing and healing.

This is what Anna is referring to when she says, “What healing comes down to is the relationship one has with one’s self. I am committed to my personal mastery. Peace in the world will happen as we stop reacting to our conscious and subconscious woundedness; when we find inner peace. As I shift and become more conscious of truth, love, and forgiveness in all situations, the world around me shifts.”

Here’s an excellent resource for you to use to transform inner conflict to inner peace! This artistic CD features background music from Grammy Award-winning Producer Barry Goldstein. It’s a perfect gift for your clients and students in Reiki, Healing Touch, EFT, and Spiritual Response Therapy to achieve balance and personal freedom through the power of self-forgiveness.

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If you already have forgiveness rituals and healing reflections you work with, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your suggestions with us in the response box below (or click on the comment link in Facebook).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Janice M. Puta
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Thanks, Jan! Wow. I am humbled by all of this support.

With my love & gratitude,

Hi Anna!
You so deserve this and so much more. Your CD is terrific and a wonderful energy balancing resource. I enjoy using it and experiencing the shift when I need it.

The substance of this CD is not only beneficial, the quality of Anna’s voice and the music is delightful. I’ve meditated to it many times, and also play it in the background very softly, and silently at times. I take in forgiveness subliminally, even as I drift off to sleep. This sets the tone for less resistance to release what is no longer needed as I move ahead. Thank you Anna and Jan for all the pure service you aspire to and provide! This is a beautiful, educational Blog!

Grace and Gratitude,

Thanks, Katia! Yes, there are multiple layers of energy work and healing going on through Anna’s CD. Thanks so much for sharing your experience of it with us. What a beautiful way to end the day and a fitting opening for the dream world.