Woman in MindAre there times when you feel stuck, going nowhere, same old stuff happening at work and at home day after day?

Did you know you can change that? Did you know there are ways for you to take charge of what is happening?

I used to think that being “stuck” was something that just happened.

Then as I read more of the teachings of Abraham as recorded by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I began to understand this quotation: “Life is always in motion, so I cannot be stuck.”

At first I didn’t get it. After all, I was seeing the same types of clients show up, the same totals in and out of my bank account, and the same feelings about myself as compared to what my vision and dreams were to make a bigger and brighter contribution to the world.

Little by little I began to understand Abraham’s teachings about the Law of Attraction and how energy works: “It is not possible to stand still or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life, is always in motion. Things are always changing.”

Well if “things are always changing,” how do you explain the same old stuff that shows up in my life and in the lives of many other folks I know?

Here’s the part that really makes a difference in understanding and working with the Law of Attraction. Abraham goes on to say, “The reason it may feel to you as if you are stuck is because, while you are continuing to think the same thoughts, things are changing – but they are changing to the same thing over and over.”

Okay, imagine that you have a tablet of gray paper in front of you. Every day you go to your tablet and tear off one more sheet of gray paper. Nothing exciting about that, is there? Nothing juicy to look forward to the next day, is there?

Now imagine that you have a choice of 15 different colors, 22 wonderful patterns, and 35 photo collages all in tablets of their own that you can choose from. So how would that feel, knowing you can stand in front of all those delicious choices and pick out something that really jazzes you up? Could you see yourself smiling just thinking about that?

That’s the way it works. You can keep on thinking the “gray” thoughts about the same old ideas and perceptions and beliefs that you’ve always had, or you can shift gears, switch into a better attitude, turn on some brighter thoughts and give yourself so many more wonderful options to choose from. And, every choice can give you a bigger and brighter and better result. That’s the way it works. The Universe has to deliver. You get to place your order. Go ahead and customize it to your heart’s desire!

If you need some handy cues to keep you on course, consider the Ask and It is Given Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham). Check them out here: http://www.myeverydaymystic.com/exceptional-inspirational-resources/

I love them! They seem to give me exactly what I need the moment I pick one out. Let me know what you think. Do you have some resources that help you create the life you say you want to live? Please drop a line in the response box below (or click on the comment link in Facebook) and share your thoughts with us.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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