iStock_000005673049XSmallSnail mail is welcome every year around my birthday! I love greeting cards – the beautiful illustrations, the personal comments, and the special messages for my very own day.

For me, it’s also another opportunity to practice the message of the “everyday mystic” and to weave each card into my daily meditations of grounding and gratitude, attraction and appreciation.

Here are some of my favorite lines. May they enrich and inspire you too.

“The world was blessed the day you were born. You are a gift to us all!”

“Enjoy the sweetness of life…
the joy of family and friends…
and the peace that comes from God above.”

“Today may you be visited by happiness.”

“As you grow into all that God has planned for you this year,
may each day give way to blessing after blessing.”

Blessings on your birthday, whenever it comes this year. Feel free to come back and share some of your favorite birthday greetings with us.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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