983529680_096eb725a4_m1The Perfection of Spirit dances as all life with a commanding Presence today. I take a moment, and with an inner awareness, I sense the connection of harmonious alignment with Source. I am a pathway of Divine Love today.

Using the life of Jesus and the messages of my ancestors I reflect on the need to remember and know Spirit.

I call on trust to fill my world so that I am never frightened of change like the temple priests.

Clarity flows through me so that I am not confused when things do not go as I expect them to, just like the disciples.

I know there is only One power of Divine order in life so I shall not be alarmed when my power is challenged like the Roman authorities.

Daily, I express joy for life eternal and am never filled with sorrow over the loses in my life just as the two Marys. I know what it is like to be different, to be misunderstood, and to feel rejected, yet like Jesus I stand firm as a Spiritual being who is wise and intelligent. And in those times when change is coming and I must say goodbye as death draws near, like Jesus at the Lord’s Supper I can remain at peace.

Today I aspire to demonstrate the courage and the trust in God that Jesus practiced during his final days on Earth!

I give thanks for the traditions and stories that allow the greater awakening. Jesus on the cross breaks my heart.  The story of his journey breaks it Open and I am filled with compassion towards this soul who was so graceful at living the Presence.

And so it is.

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Used with permission.

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Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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