3621225550_8070303d15_mHe never said he loved her or that he would leave his wife and children for her. Sandy never asked him those questions because she didn’t really want to know what she suspected.

Sandy felt a deep connection with this man from the first day they met at a regional business project. He gave her the attention and compliments she craved. She gave him the sex and passion that he wanted.

She was so sure there was a reason he was in her life. Imagine the pain and hurt as she began to realize he wasn’t going to be the one she was looking for as her life partner.

How can she let go of him without more of her raging anger, tears, and shame? How is she going to tell him it’s over without hurting either one of them any more? How did she ever let herself get into this?

When Sandy asked me to help her with Spiritual Response Therapy, I researched the past lives between Sandy and her friend to find the programming and unfinished business between them. Sometimes this shows up as alternate roles where the female was a male in the past life, and the male was the female in that same past life. The experience of infidelity or betrayal may take several forms. Sometimes it happens on a sexual level, sometimes on a competitive career level, and sometimes it’s a difference of belief systems and religious affiliations.

No matter the circumstances or the way the situation was handled in the past life, for it to be affecting the behavior of these people here and now, one or both of the persons involved in the same past life did not make the best choices or come through the experience without judgment and trauma.

By working through the past life research around what happened, why it happened the way it did, and how all that was buried in the subconscious mind until now, Sandy began to understand her affair with this married man.

She knew what she had to do next, and finally felt strong enough to do it compassionately, without judging or blaming him or herself. She felt the relief of being able to end a situation she knew wasn’t right. Now she could move on and get ready for the person she really wanted to be spending her life with.

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Janice M. Puta
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