Stop AheadThe March 2010 issue of The Oprah Magazine featured a true story of a woman whose husband cheated on her for several years before confessing what he had been doing.

As she told her story, I couldn’t help think of the Law of Attraction and how both she and her husband created their own realities. Nothing happens accidentally or in a vacuum.
The directions in life aren’t always as obvious as traffic lights and highway signs. There are much more subtle signals that men and women need to pay attention to.

For the woman in the story, she was busy raising their family, doing the household chores, and making some time for her husband. Even with their once a week “date night out” she did not know she wasn’t giving her husband the emotional support, the loving gaze, the passionate embrace that he needed and wanted.

What did he do – go look for what he wanted somewhere else. As he put out the thoughts and feelings for what he wanted, the “other woman” showed up because his wife was not answering that need at the time. That doesn’t excuse him from the choices he made or absolve him from the betrayal he created in his relationship with his wife. It only explains how quickly people can create what they want when they begin to think about it and feel ready to receive it.

He didn’t enjoy cheating on his wife. He wasn’t having the good time he thought he would no matter how it tried to rationalize it. His confession to his wife and letting go of the other woman was the only way he could come back to his truth about himself and the woman he loved and married.

It was not an easy journey mending the hurt, calming the anger, and answering the questions. What they found out about each other and their relationship gave them a starting place for an even better marriage and brighter future than either one of them expected.

If there is any tension in your relationship with your spouse or partner, first do some reading around why men and women cheat. Get educated about the attitudes and feelings that men might have that lead them to experiment with cheating. Understand what women want that might lead wives to cheat on their relationship. As you tap into these resources, many more areas of information will be obvious to you.

Second, based on the awareness you now have about yourself, have a conversation about what each of you want in your relationship. These might be some starting points:

  • what needs do you have that are not being met in our relationship,
  • what have you stopped asking about or asking for because you haven’t been getting it for so long,
  • what makes you feel loved and special,
  • what makes you feel respected and appreciated,
  • what makes you feel like you’re the luckiest person in the whole world to be married to me,
  • what would you like us to add to our relationship to make it even better.

From those talking points, make some plans to give each other what you each need and want. Keep each other in mind as the only person you truly want to share these experiences with and pull in the power of the Law of Attraction to create an even better relationship and brighter future for the two of you.

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We’ll get together on the phone, we’ll talk, you’ll feel good, and your life will change.

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