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Many thanks to Linda Heimermann of Heaven on Earth Healing Alternatives near Fond du Lac, WI for hosting my workshop on Saturday, May 1.

It was a delight to teach the eager people attending, and to explore with them advanced skills in using a pendulum.

The six-hour workshop gave everyone time to enjoy Linda’s rural setting and the riverfront during the lunch hour.

Titled “Money in the Morning; Love in the Afternoon,” my intention was to empower everyone in the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of wealth awareness and prosperity consciousness.

Here are some comments from those attending:

  • “I feel very blessed for the opportunity to attend your workshops. I’m really starting to see my life come around full circle and have an awareness and understanding why.” (JG)
  • “You are very clear and cover subjects very well. Janice, you are such a good speaker, every thing you say is worth more than gold. I learned so much, not on one subject but on everything.” (DW)
  • “It was more than my expectation. The portion on Love of Self was very awakening.” (LSY)
  • “All topics were definitely beneficial. A lot of my questions were answered. This class was truly worth every penny and time spent. It was truly an eye opener and breath taking. Very beautifully done, Jan.” (JW)

Have you stepped into your intuitive power? Do you know how to use a pendulum and how to work with your High Self? Do you have any idea how much your subconscious thoughts and feelings are putting the brakes on your health, happiness, love and wealth? Do you feel stuck in your progress? Do you feel like there’s more in life than what you’re getting?

Contact me now at and let me know you want to get in on the next Basic Dowsing Class!

Let’s get together and give you the keys to unlock the chains keeping you tied down to a life experience that is boring and dull, full of scarcity and pain, and have way too much effort and struggle in it. Get in on the Basic Dowsing Class now and you can still catch up with wealth, love, and career workshops being offered later this year.

Don’t miss out. Contact me now at with the subject line: Basic Dowsing Class, Please!

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