619165212_03eb12d7ae_m.jpgThese six quick reminders will boost your love life and career. Use them to mend relationships. Wipe out stress and anxiety with these easy steps.

S: Keep it sweet and simple. Your questions and your answers. Your give and your take. It’s simple when you know what you want. You are clear about what you need. It’s sweet when you know how to do it with kindness and compassion. You are always tuned in to what is the most benevolent outcome for everyone.

P: Do it with patience and persistence. It’s not about how fast or how much you get done. It’s about the quality of the results and the lessons learned. In all things be gentle with yourself and others.

R: Be ready to receive. Stay alert and open to opportunity. Every now and then check and see if it’s already on your doorstep and you just didn’t notice. Even if it shows up not quite what you expected, give it a try. It may help you define what you don’t want so you can get clear on what you do want.

I: Invite, inquire and involve. Invite yourself into a team effort. Ask someone else about their dream. Involve yourself in helping someone else’s dream come true. You never know when that kind of supportive energy is going to show up for you when you need it.

N: Now – enjoy the now moment. Watch the rain. Sip slowly and deliberately whatever you’re drinking. Get closer to the fireplace or snuggle up in something warm. Allow yourself time to feel good inside your body.

G: All is good and grand. See the bigger picture. Appreciate what you do have and how far you’ve already come. Stand under a night sky full of stars and know that you have a place and part in all that is.

From this moment on, you can choose your best life ever. Use these empowering steps to go and make it happen.

Janice M. Puta
Spirituality mentor and energy practitioner: www.OurSpiralJourney.com
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
Free Preview: Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker

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