earth-mama.jpgEarth Mama, Joyce Johnson Rouse, and the National Women’s Music Festival were in different cities on June 20th but singing the same message. Heal the planet! Honor our women! Hope begins with each of us!

Joyce entertained a crowd of friends and members of the School Sisters of Notre Dame celebrating their 175 years of service. Maximillian’s in Mount Calvary, Wisconsin, resounded with laughter, applause, and heartfelt singing. Earth Mama’s antics and earth-centered songs of healing and hope created a high energy and enlightened evening.

How appropriate to use this concert to launch the Sisters’ SUNSEED Eco-Education Center in Mount Calvary. As their mission statement explains, “SUNSEED Eco-Education Center is committed to transformative change through holistic education empowering humans to live on Earth in a mutually enhancing way.”

Miles away in Madison, Wisconsin, the 33rd National Women’s Music Festival was fostering transformative change through workshops, theater, and music to inform and affirm women. As Sandy Cockerham, President, Board of Directors of Women In the Arts, Inc. said so well, “NWMF is a place to soak up energy and fill empty voids within your spirit. NWMF is here to encourage and empower.”

I had the privilege to present a spirituality workshop Friday afternoon at the NWMF and to enjoy Earth Mama’s concert in the evening. I realized there are so many ways that transformation comes to us! So many persons who can hold the energy and share the experience of healing with us! How blessed are those who can walk with an open mind and a seaching heart. They shall receive all that they need, and even more, pressed down and running over!

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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It was wonderful to meet you and learn about your work! There is a powerful movement with women, music, influence, consciousness raising and earth awareness growing world wide.

Connecting with you and my midwestern “sisters” in the movement inspires and lifts my spirit. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing.
Blessings and Earthpeace until our paths cross again.

“Earth Mama,”
Thanks for blessing us here in the midwest with your humor and songs, your inspiration and motivation.

You are so right, that the minds and hearts and souls of women have so much to offer in attuning humanity to its highest vibrations and consciousness.

May many more women answer the call to step up and shine their light as graciously as you do.

Blessings on your journey!