Blown away by the reduced prices on great pieces of real estate?

Does the surprise party or gift you just received blow your mind?

Are you ready to blow the political ads off the planet?

Be careful what you say. As a matter of fact, don’t even think it. There are big ears listening, and it’s not who you think.

Today I was working with a group of energy practitioners. We were identifying and clearing our guilt programs and self-limiting personal beliefs. We were studying how these programs and beliefs manifest in the physical realm and become the energy behind our financial problems or health issues.

The examples given from the work of other experts were impressive and inspiring. Someone commented on how he’s “blown away” by this information and the ramifications this clearing work is going to have on his life.

I couldn’t help but stop a moment and focus on the language we take for granted. I know we are not consciously expecting to be lifted up and carried away or wanting our heads to explode.

At the same time, if we understand the power of the subconscious mind and the energy behind the law of attraction, that is exactly what we may be setting ourselves up for.

Energy does not understand slang or hip language. It does not understand a joke or sarcasm.

For example, think of how many times a day you hear or read the words, “blown away!” Now think about the hurricanes, tornadoes, shootings, and inflated business deals that are showing up in our country.

Millions of dollars of lives, jobs, and homes are blowing in the winds of storms, war, and financial chaos here and abroad. And it begins and ends with each one of us.

Awareness is the first step in survival. Consciousness raising is the first step in growth.
Welcome to the new earth that you are creating one thought at a time.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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