Julia’s sore knee meant surgery, long and painful therapy, and another summer without a garden.

She reluctantly packed away her dreams to join her grown children on a western ranch for an extended vacation.

As she checked in with me about once a month, I noticed the longing she had for her time with nature and her children.

I also noticed that she said she and her husband weren’t spending quality time together. He had his volunteer work in town, his bowling buddies in the evenings, and he seemed to have the life he wanted. She would have to make do with whatever she could for herself.

This is where our Spiritual Response Technique clearing work became interesting. Since I use a pendulum and charts to discern what her High Self wants to tell me, I have to totally go with the flow of intuitive information the High Self gives me. I let go of whatever I think the problem is, or the solution should be.

I checked Julia’s energies – she was totally closed to receiving her own good, and 100% aligned with suffering. With a polarity like that, she was setting herself up for emotional distress as well as physical pain and discomfort.

When I asked her High Self to show me where the cause of her knee pain, blocks to receiving her own good, and alignment with suffering were coming from, her High Self showed me “abdication of responsibility.”

This was one of the big realizations in that session. We talked about the ways that Julia might be using her physical pain to get attention from her husband and children. I asked her what she wanted to do with her life, and what would make living absolutely delicious for her. Then I asked her what she could do to make those things happen for herself.

Several months later, she found the surgeon and recovery program to take care of her knee. She recuperated sooner, and with less pain than she expected. And the last time I spoke with her, she was looking through the brochures for that vacation she’s always wanted.

Now even though Julia is not the actual name of this woman, her situation is typical of those I work with in Spiritual Response Technique. And this is where SRT performs leaps and bounds over most other forms of energy work and therapy. By raising awareness within the client of how she creates her own reality, I help her own her power to heal herself by what she chooses to think and feel. By going to the root cause and energies of an issue, her High Self and Spirit help her life blossom without investing as much time, pain, and money that some people sink into extensive appointments.

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