What if you had a chance to clean up your unfinished business, right the wrongs, and mend the relationships you messed up in your past life times?

That’s exactly what happens when we work together in an energy clearing session called Spiritual Response Technique.

It’s spiritual because it’s your higher consciousness, and my higher consciousness, talking to me about your Soul Records/Akashic Records. We’re looking for the situations you got yourself into that caused great harm to yourself or to others.

When we bring awareness into that lifetime and its problems, we can choose to let go of the negative energies, and send and ask for forgiveness to and from all persons involved. Then I ask our High Selves to remove all the mistakes and bad judgments from your Soul Records. Only the good experiences and positive values remain.

Let me give you an example. David was having some problems with his only son. Since David’s divorce, his young son was rebellious at home and not getting along at school. I researched David’s past lives to find the source of this friction between him and his son.

David had been a wealthy land owner with quite a temper. He was also very intolerant of peasants and slaves in that culture and period of history. One day, he was walking through the kitchen and struck a young boy who got in his way. It was just a slave’s child. The child was thrown to the ground with that blow and died.

That child’s soul reincarnated as David’s son in this current lifetime. That was part of the unfinished business between them. In the clearing process, we made peace between David and his son’s soul. I asked our High Selves to remove this angry and violent incident from David’s Soul Records. David left the session with a better understanding of his son’s behavior, and how to be compassionate and tolerant with him.

Usually anyone showing up in major roles in your current life situation has been in and out of your lifetimes in the past. So doing past life clearing work like this gets to the bottom of family conflicts and relationships that aren’t working out. As in David’s case, the past life clearing work also gets to the bottom of money issues and job problems. If we’ve had it all but squandered it or hoarded it, usually our current life situations will give us plenty of opportunities to work for it this time around, and to learn to appreciate and share it.

Is there someone you really have a hard time getting along with? Someone who triggers you, no matter what he or she says or does? Then let’s see what I can do for you in a free 20-minute session. Email me at mail4619-fdl@yahoo.com with the subject: Let’s Talk for 20 Minutes!

We’ll get together on the phone, we’ll talk, you’ll feel good, and your life will change.

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Janice M. Puta
Certified Teacher in Spiritual Response Technique
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