ch-02-istock_0000028475351People who have families and jobs bring many of those relationships and responsibilities to their sessions in Spiritual Response Therapy.

SRT is first and foremost a spiritual healing practice that addresses the client’s self-limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks to health and abundance, love and wealth. The release from subconscious programs and the healing that results are the work of the client’s High Self, and practitioner’s High Self, working in and through Spirit.

No challenge is too big for High Self and Spirit who work on the issues the client brings to SRT, even when that means taking on what’s involved in state recertification of a major medical program shared among several nursing homes.

The practitioner’s work follows the usual intuitive lead of the High Self and progresses through the charts included in the SRT system. Here are a few things the practitioner may want to watch for and include if they are appropriate.

  • At some time during the session, get together all the High Selves (of all the personnel involved in the recertification) and get the High Selves cleared, and agreeing to create the most benevolent good for all persons involved. Set the intention for the whole recertification process to be completed quickly and graciously, for everyone to cooperate with understanding and ease, and to accomplish the end result desired.
  • There may be some past life unfinished business between the client and the medical staff, nursing staff, and administrators of each nursing home involved in the medical program recertification. There may also be research involved in clearing the relationship between the client and the personnel coming in from the agency responsible for doing the recertification.
  • As the session progresses, continue to check each person or group’s alignment with cooperating with and achieving the intention and desired outcome. Also check each person or group’s resistance to the intention and desired outcome. That’s another way to discover any hidden, buried, covered up or denied programming.
  • Set up for the client a Spiritual Support Committee under the supervision of the High Self to come to the client’s assistance to find the paperwork requested, to get compliance from all the professionals involved at each nursing home, and to be capable of giving the recertification personnel the information they need in a timely and gracious manner.

Remind the client of his or her responsibility to take time throughout the day to stay grounded, maintain good energy boundaries, and connect with High Self and Spirit to download the support coming through the SRT clearing work and the Spiritual Support Committee.

Actual feedback from such a client included the very rare situation where no follow up was needed, there were no citations for any of the nursing homes involved in the shared medical program, and the intended end result was very obviously accomplished.

No challenge is too big for High Self and Spirit even when that means taking on something as technical, important, and serious as this was.

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