ch_01-4074816_thumbnail1Imagine being around someone who constantly sniffled for weeks and months and wasn’t aware of doing it. That was one of Don’s annoying habits until Judy asked him to please have a session in Spiritual Response Therapy.

Spiritual Response Therapy is a spiritual healing practice that makes no claims or guarantees for the emotional and physical improvements that happen. This was Don’s first session in SRT. We talked about the issues he wanted to address and then started the work.

The work was led by Don’s High Self and mine. Using a pendulum and the set of 32 charts in the SRT system, I researched Don’s past lives that were affecting him now. During that process, the High Selves removed negative energy blocking Don on his job. Through out the session, the High Selves cleared various subconscious programs and specific beliefs that were limiting Don and keeping him from experiencing his fullest potential.

Three weeks later Judy was pleased to report that Don’s sniffling was gone! He not only had more energy than before, but he was also much more decisive and sure of his decisions in his work as a building contractor.

Whatever your challenges are at home or at work, let’s talk about what a Spiritual Response Therapy session could do for you. Email me at with the subject: Let’s Talk About What SRT Can Do For Me!

We’ll get together on the phone, we’ll talk, you’ll feel good, and your life will change.

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