You are going to want be here on Saturday, July 31!

Join us at the Harmony Café Fox Valley (233 E. College Avenue) from 1:00 to 6:00 pm for the first Intuitive Fair!

Enjoy family time with fun readings!

Look for something special from area vendors.

Choose something yummy to eat and drink from the Café’s fantastic refreshments.

This is a very affordable and accessible event – all the readings are on a donation basis.

Intuitive Readers will offer

  • Angel Card readings
  • Self Empowerment support
  • Emotional Release Finger Holds
  • Toe Reading
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About a Pendulum Including How to Use It
  • and so much more!

We’re putting together a wonderful lineup of vendors including

  • Gem stones
  • Jewelry
  • Essential Oils
  • Book’s/Cd’s
  • and more coming in every day!

If you’d like to apply for a vendor booth at this event, e-mail Jesse Heffernan: Vendors will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Looking forward to meeting you there and having a great time! Put this date on your calendar now and plan to be there!

Then go out and tell all your friends about it!

Thanks so much for helping get the word out about our first Intuitive Fair!
Janice M. Puta
Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Energy Practitioner
Our Spiral Journey LLC
Co-Sponsor of the Intuitive Fair

About Harmony Café:

Harmony Café is a non-profit café here to serve the community through creating a safe place for self-expression and acceptance of everyone’s unique differences.  As a program of Goodwill NCW, we aim to uphold the non-profit mission by using all profits for the benefit of the community.

Vision Statement

Harmony Café values all people and helps to lead the creation of a better community where:

•    The arts and culture are accessible and vital;
•    All people realize their unique gifts and leadership potential;
•    Ideas are exchanged freely, and people learn, grow and are challenged;
•    The Check it at the Door Declaration inspires us all to create safe spaces here and throughout our community.

Check it at the Door Declaration

I believe:
That ALL people should be valued and appreciated;
That every person is a treasure worthy of dignity and respect;
That diversity in humans is a strength
That by pre-judging people and by holding biases,
I will miss the beauty within each individual person.

I realize:
That it is natural for people to be uncomfortable with those who are
different from themselves, but I will work to overcome these feelings;
That people have different abilities, appearances, beliefs, ethnicities, experiences and identities, and, I realize that the world is a better place because of these differences.

I pledge:
To be aware of my biases and the ways that I pre-judge people;
To try to get to know the person who may look, dress, think or live differently than I do;
To check my biases and my temptation to pre-judge people at the door.

While at the Harmony Café, I pledge to…
Check it at the Door.

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