Energy Blessing Day

at Unity of Ocala

Saturday, April 16, 2011
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

* * * * *

Come and be blessed by various energy workers of our CommUnity.

* * *

Choose from Reiki,


Quantum Touch,


and energy healing.


Janice Puta’s life purpose is to empower and give hope. Through Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), her High Self and Spirit release you from your past life blocks to success and wealth, and open up your spiritual resources to support you in creating the life experience you want now.

You can ask for energy clearing and healing work around a specific issue or challenge in your life at this time. Or, experience Soul Record (Akashic Records) research, energy clearing and healing around three archetypal patterns associated with prosperity and abundance: paternal, maternal, and divine.


This is a very popular event. Make sure you can get in: call to make appointments: 352-687-2113. Walk-ins welcome but there might be a wait.


Love offering basis. This is a fund raiser. 100% of the proceeds goes to the Unity Community.

Unity of Ocala
101 Cedar Road, Ocala


Janice M. Puta
SRA Certified Teacher & Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy
Helping You Walk the Path to Healing and Wholeness
For classes and personal energy clearing sessions:


Thank you Janice for all that you do! I had many comments about the work you did at the Energy Blessing Day from folks who walked away … lighter and brighter!

Everyone was impressed by your ablity to stay focused in the midst of all the wonderful activity. You’re the best!

Thanks Rev. Marylou for opening the door to the healing work so many of us can bring with encouragement and opportunity from people like you with an open mind and eager heart.

It was a privilege to work among your Unity Community in Ocala, Florida.