June Basic Divination Skills With a Pendulum Class

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Basic Divination Skills with a Pendulum

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Instructor: Janice Puta

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Several of you met me at Psychic Fairs, Wellness Expos, the Holistic Horse Fair, or have been touched by the healing energy work I do with Spiritual Response Therapy.

Like me, each of you has your own Inner Wisdom and personal guidance system to support you, guide you, and heal you.

Now here’s a fantastic opportunity to get quick, effective, and easy training in how to tune into and tap this power for yourself.

Who is this for:

  • people who want to learn how to use a pendulum to experience their own intuitive wisdom when they are looking for spiritual grounding and guidance in resolving issues and conflicts,
  • those who already use a pendulum and want to develop their skill, and achieve more consistent, positive results with greater self confidence,
  • anyone who wants to have a method to connect with their High Self or Higher Consciousness to make better decisions and plans for their own well being,
  • anyone who wants to have a method to assess and align their seven energy centers (chakras) for better health, improved prosperity, more loving relationships, and a life experience sourced in their most benevolent good.

What you need to know:

  • This class starts promptly at 10:00 am and will be finished by 1:00 pm.
  • Early registrations pay only $49.99 for this fantastic class. Registrations received after midnight of May 14th pay $55 provided there are still openings for this class.
  • Class will be held at Heaven on Earth Healing Alternatives, W2289 Poplar Road, Fond du Lac, (just a few miles east of Fond du Lac off of Hwy 23). If this is your first time coming to Heaven on Earth, feel free to contact Linda about directions: 920-948-2100


There are only 14 places in this class and we expect them to go very quickly. The May 21st class was filled up in less than 3 weeks from when we first announced it. Reserve your place now with your early registration fee of only $49.99! Send your payment through PayPal to heavenonearthhealingllc@yahoo.com or send a check payable to Heaven on Earth to Linda Heimermann at W2289 Poplar Rd, Fond du Lac, WI 54937. Do it now while you’re thinking about it!

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Janice has pulled together some of the most basic information about developing
your intuition and translated it into the easiest way to learn and master it.
Anyone can learn how to use a pendulum. With a pendulum, a good method,
and a few charts, you can do wonders for yourself. In just 3 hours, you will
learn Jan’s personal system she developed for using a pendulum with confidence
plus receive these special bonuses:

  • Step-by-step easy process for beginning, protecting, and guiding every divination session so you feel safe and aware of your power and your spiritual connections,
  • Simple charts that are easy to understand and use to develop your skill and self confidence,
  • Written instructions on how to connect with your High Self and how to check that connection during your divination sessions for better accuracy in your results,
  • Quick diagram and complete steps to assess and align your seven energy centers (chakras) to bring yourself back into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and harmony,
  • Two page handout on personal healing techniques to cleanse and revitalize your energy centers (chakras) for better health, improved prosperity, more loving relationships and a more benevolent life experience.

Here’s a special bonus for you!

  • From 1:15 pm until 2:30 pm there will be a free presentation on how you can use pendulum skills to read your own past lives to resolve conflicts and karmic relationships, to clear your cellular memory and release physical pain and emotional trauma, to remove subconscious blocks to your prosperity and happiness.
  • Feel free to bring snacks and/or a light lunch if you are coming to the morning class and staying for this presentation.
  • If you want to come just to this early afternoon presentation, be sure and let Linda know so we can save a place for you: 920-948-2100

Your Instructor:
Janice Puta is currently the only SRA Certified Teacher and Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy in Wisconsin. She teaches classes in dream interpretation, beginning and advanced divination skills with a pendulum, and Spiritual Response Therapy. She is a Spiritual Advocate for People and Animals and can be reached at Janice@OurSpiralJourney.com for appointments.
You can find more information about Janice at:


Janice M. Puta
SRA Certified Teacher & Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy
Helping You Walk the Path to Healing and Wholeness
For classes and personal energy clearing sessions: Janice@OurSpiralJourney.com

P.S. If you have friends who have been waiting for something like this to show up in their life, please forward this on to them. It’s always special to hear it from people you know and love. This is a very popular class and there are only 14 openings. Register yourself now or send it on right away! Don’t miss out. Do it now. Now is good!