istock_000004972790xsmall.jpgStress shows up in our lives like a dandelion! It begins with a deep root some place in our ego mind or pain body.

For a little while there’s a blaze of yellow as we take charge of all things we think we have to do or have to be.

When our blossoms fade, stress scatters its seeds of frustration, depression, and illness all over the landscape of our mind, body, and spirit.

Remember that stress means “Sinister Thoughts Ruin Everything Simple and Successful.” Using that formula, here are six easy and effective responses for you to use right now.

Be aware: stress begins with feeling threatened, overwhelmed, overcommitted. When the feelings begin to rise, pay attention to them.
Do: some deep breathing and smile.

Be aware: feelings are based on thoughts. What are you’re complaining about? Where is the chaos in your life right now?
Do: find one thing to be grateful for, then another, and another. You can shift how you feel when you change what you are thinking about.

Be aware: our egos are so powerful and subtle that they can take our lives apart one piece at a time or demolish them overnight like a raging storm. Notice how reactive you are. Who triggers you or pushes your buttons?
Do: find some constructive ways to write out or walk off your repressed anger.

Be aware: stress has no boundaries and no limits. Everyone and everything is fair game. Do: Stand up for yourself. If you find yourself being abused by someone’s language or behavior, get yourself into a safe place. Then ask for help and create a network that supports you.

Be aware: ego tends to complicate things, to make a big deal out of everything, to create a mountain of stress out of almost nothing. Presumption and judgment are subtle ways that ego manipulates us.
Do: stay in your own space, and mind your own thoughts. Don’t try to figure out what someone else is thinking or feeling. If you want to know or need to know, ask that person to tell you.

Be aware: doubts and fear of failure keep us from stepping up and taking the risk, the challenge. Ego undermines our effort with the snide remark, “And who do you think you are!”
Do: find some good things to say about yourself! Put some attention into how you look and dress. Feel good about yourself. Give yourself some time off from your “to do” list.

Try one, try them all. These easy exercises are great tools for digging out the dandelions of stress in your life! Here’s to a green and growing life!

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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I really like the way Ms.Janice Puta put six easy ways to come out of stress. Well I think this is the first time when I reading any article of Ms.Puta, and that too very impressive.
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I think each & every person must try it.

Thank you for sharing this website on Yoga Nidra. This is an excellent method for personal development and spiritual formation.

Several other techniques that I’ve found helpful in practicing everyday spirituality are described on the “resource” page at

I will never look at dandelions the same again! These six ways to deal with the sinister stress seeds particularly resonate with me, since stress is deeply embedded in my day to day living.

Diane, that’s the beautiful part about having a symbol. Every time you see a dandelion or the color yellow, you can take a deep breath and reset your energy field.

Having a simple reminder around gets to the tough stuff before it builds up and gets to us. Here’s to de-stressing and enjoying more care free days in your life!