Nature has its cycle of planting, growth, harvesting and decay. There is a beauty and mysticism in this final stage.

The focus is not on the falling apart or dimishment. The focus is on transformation and release.

Nature wastes nothing. Fallen trees become homes for critters, hosts for moss and lichen, and eventually compost.

The compost begins the growth cycle all over again as the fertile soil for seeds and nutrients for growth.

What is going on in your life right now that seems to be in these final stages of transformation and release?

Take a look at your stuff:

• What do you need to sell or give away?
• What have you outgrown or maybe never even used?
• What kind of space can you create in your life for something more practical or more economical?
• Remember, the Law of Attraction cannot bring you what you don’t have room for!

Take a look at your relationships:

• Who do you need to let go of?
• Do you have any friends who are abusive?
• Are you in a relationship with someone who has no respect for you, doesn’t listen to what you have to say, treats you as if you’re invisible and not even there?
• The Law of Attraction cannot bring you better friends and a more loyal and kind partner while you are still choosing to have less than what you really want.

Take a look at yourself:

• When was the last time you looked inside and owned the full power and glory of who you are?
• When will you give yourself permission to be happy and strong no matter what else is going on around you?
• When will you choose to be okay with who you are even if no one else affirms you?
• When can you own what you’ve got to work on without fear, shame, or judgment?
• The Law of Attraction feels the vibration of who you are and what you are putting out into the Universe. There is nothing you can think, say or do to hide from the truth of who you are and how you are living.

Everything and everyone showing up in your life are some part of what you are attracting in by your thoughts, feelings, and choices you make. If you don’t like what is showing up, ask yourself what this is all about.

Is it coming your way for you to release it and let it go because you’re making better choices now and aren’t turning back?

Is it coming your way as a challenge to encourage you to step up and transform into a higher consciousness?

Ask the questions. Be still and wait for the answers to come from within.

We are here to learn from each other. Drop us a line in the response box below (or click on the comment link in Facebook) and share your thoughts about how you experienced, or are now going through transformation and release.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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