Lights turning out, voices crying over the pager, and faint images of people standing in the hallway are just some of the paranormal experiences that happen when portals are opened into other dimensions.

In this case, a funeral business moved into a large, newly constructed building. The old location was purchased by a realtor for his office and support staff. As the remodeling progressed, more and more of these strange and unsettling things began to happen.

When one of the employees talked to me about it, I simply made a note of the location of the building and told him that I’d take care of it. He and another person at that site were energy sensitive. They could see and feel some of these things. He suspected what was going on, but didn’t know why, and how to deal with it. I told him to stay out of fear and to keep the others as neutral as possible around all this. Their anxiety and restlessness was only adding to the over all agitation and making the situation worse.

These are some of the things I deal with using Spiritual Response Therapy. The techniques, processes, and information in this system of spiritual healing allows me to understand what other dimensions are, what creates portals or doorways into them, what could possibly come out of that dimension and infect our own surroundings, and how to take care of all of that. SRT is not about being a psychic, a ghost buster, or playing mind games. It is first and foremost a spiritual healing process with compassion and tolerance for beings of all levels, layers, and depths, knowing they are all expressions of Spirit.

To begin work on this paranormal experience, I connect with my High Self and make sure I’m in a safe and protected energy field. I ask my High Self to close and seal any openings in my own field. Then, to remove any beings around my house or nearby. I certainly don’t want these beings to influence or attract over to my place any of the entities I’m trying to remove from the realtor’s building.

Then I ask my High Self to take note of the location of the building we’re clearing, to assess the situation I’ve been told about, and to let me know if we can help. When I get the High Self’s agreement to begin work on this, I ask the High Self to close all the doorways or portals to the other dimensions. I ask High Self to go through the whole building, yard, street, and neighborhood to look for all the possible ways those portals were triggered and to resolve them.

When High Self indicates that is done, then we focus on the entities, beings, souls, energy that may be involved in the strange happenings. I ask my High Self to look for each and every one of them and to take them to where they need to go according to the Divine Will for them. I don’t presume to know if it is for their most benevolent good to return to where they came, or to move on to a place where they can be educated, enlightened, and spiritually evolved. So I leave this decision and action up to the High Self working with clear and direct guidance from Spirit.

Finally, I have High Self make another search of the realtor’s entire property and yard, street and neighborhood to make sure that all occupants, contractors, employees etc haven’t got anything following them around or hiding out in their offices or cars etc. After this final sweep, I ask High Self to direct the shower of white light from Spirit to this building, yard, street, and neighborhood and wash it from top to bottom in a cleansing and purifying process.

As the remodeling progresses and eventually is completed, I’ll stay in touch with this employee just in case new portals are opened up and more paranormal things begin to happen. This is simply something that occurs because our worlds, though in different dimensions, are really so close together. Our physical bodies prohibit us from seeing and walking through those portals into those other dimensions, unlike the inhabitants over there who can come through and mess with us in our world.

The important thing to remember here is to stay calm and neutral, to hold compassion and tolerance towards all beings and energies, and to invoke protection and guidance from your own High Self. Do not attempt to take on anyone or anything by yourself – invoke your High Self to get the help it needs to bring every being and energy to where it needs to go, and to restore the energy balance and harmony around you and your space.

If you, or someone you know, are dealing with paranormal experiences and need some help resolving them, email me at with the subject: Need Help with Paranormal Issues.

We’ll get together, I’ll find out from you what is happening, and I’ll let you know if this is something I can work on with you.

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It surely seems like the SRT has a number of interesting fields of application. There seems to be much “positive” energy around those that use the SRT. I really like that. I know of a few people that can benefit form SRT. In fact, I think it should even benefit you physically! Warm regards

Hi Frederick,
Yes, those of us who use SRT need to be especially mindful of being in positive energy, compassion, and loving service when we do this level of energy work. Going into fear or judgment totally defeats the whole purpose of doing the work for the highest benevolent good of all involved.

As you suspected, there are some stories on my blog about how SRT helps people deal with physical challenges also. We get calls from the UK a lot for help with things like that.

Check out the CATEGORY for Spiritual Response Technique in the side bar and that should lead you to some of the past posts on more topics and applications of SRT.

Thanks again for stopping by and taking note.