White arbor green trees 2Spiritual Response Therapy came to Stuart’s rescue when he was in the middle of a big real estate transaction and there was a power struggle between the buyers and sellers.  When I worked with his High Self and mine in the SRT process, energies around bitterness and self-punishment were showing up.

Going deeper into the research between Stuart, the buyers, and sellers, past life experiences came up to be cleared and resolved. Stuart was seriously harmed and died from injuries in that past life. The person who inflicted those wounds on him was now showing up as the seller of the property. Various other persons who were part of the past life experience were also now making the sale happen so Stuart could benefit from the commission on the sale.

The current conflict between buyers and sellers, however, was also fueled with Stuart’s own unresolved energies around self-limitation, self-destruction, helplessness, failure and betrayal. How could it all turn out well for him with those kinds of energies pushing against his best interests?

As his High Self and mine worked to release the grip these negative feelings had on Stuart’s subconscious mind and his conscious life experiences, his readiness to close the deal and get paid shifted from 50% to 100%.

That’s the profound and subtle way that Spiritual Response Therapy supports people willing to take a look at what is keeping them from working through a challenge and moving forward.

If you or someone you know want to get encouragement and support at this time in your life, let’s talk about what a Spiritual Response Therapy session could do for you or for them. Email me at Janice@OurSpiralJourney.com with the subject: Let’s Talk About What SRT Can Do For Me!

We’ll get together on the phone, we’ll talk, you’ll feel good, and your life will change.

If you have some special ways to help yourself and others work through their challenges and move forward, let us know what they are. Drop a line in the response box below (or click on the comment link in Facebook) and share your thoughts with us.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Janice M. Puta
Certified Teacher in Spiritual Response Therapy/Technique
Helping You Walk the Path to Healing and Wholeness
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