Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Advanced Class

March 15 -19, 2012

At Unity Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, Florida

Instructor:  Janice Puta(SRA Certified)

Who is this for:

Anyone who has completed the SRT basic class and

  • wants to further develop the SRT method of connecting with and working with their High Self to achieve more accurate discernment, deeper awareness, higher consciousness, and quicker spiritual evolution;
  • is open to growing with this cutting edge psychic-spiritual method by using their intuitive wisdom and High Self connection to assess and align their personal energies around any area of their spiritual journey and physical experiences to achieve happier, more joyful, healthier, and more prosperous outcomes;
  • desires to continue to learn how to discover and free themselves from the hidden blocks and self-limiting programs in the subconscious mind and collective consciousness that keep them from manifesting the life experiences they say they want;
  • is willing to accept the challenge to align with their most benevolent good, their life meaning and purpose, and to hold and project the Divine Love and Light transforming themselves, all of humanity, and Planet Earth.


Class size: Limited to 8 people so everyone gets enough one on one time with the instructor

Class length: 28 hours over 4 days, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


Following the curriculum of the Spiritual Response Association, you will:

  • Learn the purpose of SRT as a psychic-spiritual healing process;
  • Learn and practice advanced and in depth preparations to work with High Self, and how to do an advanced closure at the end of the session;
  • Review the 13 basic subconscious programs that limit your life experience;
  • Empower yourself to take charge of your life by clearing your programs;
  • Learn how to use, and then do,your own personal, complete clearing by
    • Accessing all the charts in the SRT system,
    • Removing blocks to 24 major challenges including power, health, career, income, sexual relationships, children, life meaning.
    • Assessing over 25 aspects of health and well-being to discern how you can improve your physical life experience;
    • Progressing the Incarnational Aspect of your Inner Child archetype;
    • Adjusting right and left brain hemisphere performance through a Brain Restructuring for optimum learning, success, and well being
  • Learn how to use, and then demonstrate clearing for someone else;
  • Receive a certificate of completion;
  • Experience 28 hours of small group instruction that includes 10 hours of hands-on clearing work.

For additional information, please contact the instructor:

Janice@OurSpiralJourney.com. Or phone 920-929-8770, Wisconsin, USA.

Prerequisite: Spiritual Response Therapy Basic Class

FAQ: Read frequently asked questions about Spiritual Response Therapy and the answers to them here:  http://www.myeverydaymysitc.com/faq-about-srt/

Note:This class is only available through SRA Certified Teachers and Janice Puta is currently the only SRA Certified Teacher in Wisconsin.

Meet Your Instructor

For over ten years, Janice has helped people and animals have the most wonderful lives.  Her passion is to empower and give hope through the haling she facilitates as an SRA Certified Consultant and Teacher in Spiritual Response Therapy and a Spiritual Advocate for People and Animals.  she intuitively uses past life research as a core technique in resolving health issues and trauma for people and animals.

Janice draws on her experience as a Certified Spiritual Director and Director of Directed Retreats to support each person’s spiritual connection.  Her training in several energy modalities including dream interpretation, law of attraction, and Emotional Freedom and Healing help her find the best solution for whatever is keeping you from living the life you say you want for yourself and your animals.

To work with Janice in dream interpretation, to experience a session in Emotional Freedom & Healing or Spiritual Response Therapy, contact her at Janice@OurSpiralJourney.com. Or phone 920-929-8770, Wisconsin, USA.

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