270810main_visairs_gustav_20080831_226.jpgNo one asked for a hurricane! No one put a picture of it on a vision board or wrote it into their intentions for the week.

And yet, here comes Hurricane Gustav barreling into the Gulf of Mexico. (photo courtesy of nasa)

But what exactly did you ask for – something more than you have now, something bigger, more powerful?

So what are you wanting, wishing, and waiting for – something that will make you feel strong, assertive, and in charge?

Every thought we think, we put out “there” in the Universe. Every desire we fixate on, is out “there” with even more energy behind it. Many of us have no clue as to how powerful we really are, especially when large masses of people and whole cultures are focused on the same outcomes of bigger, stronger, more powerful and bring it right now.

There comes a time when what we are asking for does show up, but not necessarily in the way we intended.

Maybe something got lost in the process from thought to manifestation. Or a whole lot of people don’t really understand the law of attraction. Makes no difference what the reason was, the reality is here on our doorstep.

We unknowingly amplified the law of attraction into a horrendous whirlwind of energy. And now that’s it coming our way, what can we do to change its essence or course of action?

Here are three ways to tone down the power of a hurricane:

• Command and demand the power to decrease.
Go into your meditation place, your inner sacred space, and there connect with Spirit. Address whatever Person or Power you reverence as your Divine Source. Ask this Benevolent Being or Power to command and demand in the name of Love that this hurricane reduce its power, its force and rampant destruction.

• Transmute the energy to benevolence.
Then ask this Benevolent Being or Power to transmute the energy of the hurricane to benevolence and healing. Imagine, see, hear the winds becoming still, the waters becoming calm, a gentle aura of light and love spreading out over the cities, ports, landscapes. Hold the feeling and the image of “all is well” and trust that you are being heard.

• Acknowledge your part in creating the problem and choose to be part of the solution.
Become aware of how your thinking and wanting might have added to the escalation of this tropical storm. Choose to look at where you can scale back on your materialism and put more focus on your spiritual growth. Step out of this experience with a better understanding of how your energy is a part of all that happens around the world.

It is never to late to hold the light in a time of darkness. Awareness and love are the only tools that can turn anything around, even hurricanes.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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