Local market experts are having busy days this week. Some are fielding phone calls from nervous investors and others are taking advantage of extremely low prices.

In every situation, there is caution and opportunity. This is the time to know what you need, how soon you need it, and what you can afford to risk.

No one knows that better than you do. Yes, it’s great to have a financial advisor to discuss this with. But even in that conversation, make it very clear what you think is appropriate for you at this time in your life. Then let the experts show how to meet your goals.

Hopefully the bailout being discussed in Washington at this time has something in it for everyone, whether it frees up credit for your business or increases the amount in your bank account that can be insured.

Anyone who emailed or called their senators and representatives already took the first step in getting their share of the national bailout plan: they asked for what they wanted! Yes, a lot of times that includes knowing what you don’t want.

But as always, keep the focus on the positive. Being able to offer your opinion fills a need to be heard! When things run amuck on the national scene, it’s a wakeup call and a mirror about things in our lives we need to be more accountable for.

“When you remember that everyone who asks is given, then how wonderful and appropriate it is for you to make the choices for you – for the Universe operates much more efficiently without a middleman interceding on your behalf. You always know, in the moment, what is best for you.” (from the teachings of Abraham, Ask and It Is Given Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks)

So whatever is going on in your life, look at both the options for caution and the openings for opportunity. Get the information you need, find out the facts, look at where you need to be more accountable, and then ask for whatever is most appropriate for you to get through any crisis or chaos you might be experiencing.

Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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