Pick up your daily dose of spiritual supplements right at home in your own backyard! Birds of every size and color bring a mystical message with their behavior and their songs.

When the sparrows show up at your birdbath, they remind you to take your daily dose of dignity and self worth. Whatever you are doing the rest of the day, do it with a sense of joy and empowerment, knowing that you are a survivor and a thriver!

Robins hopping along on the lawn or making nests in the trees are an invitation to take a dose of faith and trust in the process of life. You may not know how it’s all going to turn out, but you follow your inner guidance and trust in the Power that leads you.

When you hear the plaintive call of the mourning doves, know that hope is on the way. There are new beginnings showing up for you. Peace is finally arriving.

Cardinals with all their color and chatter encourage you to be strong in all the ways you express your own creative ideas. Spend some time thinking about what you would do and be with your creativity, if no one criticized or belittled you or your efforts.

If you need more inspiration, look for the finches. Their tenacity and quickness will teach you how to observe and take action.

Everything in nature has something to offer you for your spiritual growth and awareness. If you want to learn more about the mystical messages of the birds and animals that are showing up in your life, go to this fantastic website: http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_birds.htm

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Janice M. Puta
Author of Pathways: Tales for the Spiritual Seeker
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